Monday, April 12, 2010

Viva Humanity Web Series

Viva Humanity, a post-apocolyptic web series, is one of the first film projects underway by Dark Elf Films. Falling under the horror/action/drama genre with an indie, pulp serial feel, it can be compared with movies such as Dawn of the Dead, 28 Weeks Later and Pulp Fiction.

The Summary: Viva Humanity is set in present
day America, where an infection has taken hold of the world that transforms humans into animalistic, strong and souless cannibals.

Although America is now a wasteland of infected humans, there is a group of rebels, or "good guys," who have not been infected. They struggle to find answers while fighting to stay alive and fighting for the truth. Rumors abound on the nature of the infection: is it a weapon against mankind or is it a random outbreak on planet earth... or is it something else?

The series has multiple interweaving story lines that features a large cast of characters, but primarily follows the foursome: Ash, Dean,Barbara and Ginger, who are survivors of the violent infection or outbreak.

Viva Humanity is currently being filmed in Orlando, Fl. If you have any interest in their series, please visit the website:

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