Saturday, October 23, 2010


MOI is a rare unique crystal in the rubbles of Riverside, C.A. The fellow band members consist of Matt quillen (Bass), Tim Seaton (guitar), and Nathan Ryan (drums). These guys have a tremendous, beating heart and soul when they join together on the stage with their lead singer, Moi Navarro. This is one guy people should keep an eye out for. I have had the privilege of actually seeing him perform in concert along with his band members. His voice is memorizing and hypnotic. The music of MOI has a colorful wide range of indie style with a beautiful punch of an eclectic Rock. I could convincingly say that he has a flavor of Bono and Bowie in him. I have seen upcoming artists perform in different venues. I was new to their music, and have never heard of them before until a friend of mine invited me to accompany her and watch them in concert. Moi started to sing “Coming Around”, and that is when I got chills, The band also has an audience in the Spanish market. They are traveling to other venues outside of California. Hope drives their words to people’s hearts; you can feel it in his song “Superman”. I look forward to seeing this band perform in the future. Keep an eye out for them if they come into your area. If you love beautiful music, this is for you! Check them out at the web below if you desire to see more info.

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