Tuesday, February 15, 2011


by Xio

Talk about a movie that makes you think twice. This is a short thriller film about two people who are taken hostage, only to discover that not everything is what it seems. This short was written, produced, and directed by Christopher R. Miles, co-produced by Adam West, and includes executive producer Adam Levy. For a first time director, Christopher did a great job. His attention to the details in the film collaborated really well. It was really enjoyable, and it had a great message.  The cinematography set the mood to a cool dark atmosphere (Pete Vinalli). Robert Charles Mann leaves his soundtrack, which blends beautifully with each moment. I loved how Angel Valerio played Reese Taylor. He develops great dimensions to his character. Kerrian Banks and John Kovacic paired up as Terry and Brandon Mitchell, and Dennis William Garr and Kim Patrick were featured as cops. When I first started watching the film, the only note I would have added was for the scene to have more of a desperate struggle between Mitchell couple and Reese. After watching it a while, it made sense, and it's in the twist of the story (which I won't tell, you will have to watch) ;) This film was edited by Mike Hugo, and the sound effects were made by Many Ojeda. A huge team collaborated on this film. Miles is currently working on his second film, "Redemption", which will have him collaborating with his "The Wait" star Angel Valerio. It will be a martial arts action film. I can't wait to see it :D

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