Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cast and Crew from Idiot Savant

Here is the cast and crew for Gamestore Pilot: Idiot Savant.  It was shot on March 18th on a Cannon 5d Mark 2 and a Cannon T2I.


Alex: Alex Banos

Dylan:  Frank Tobin

Blondie:  Chelsy Bishop

Douche Bag 1:  Xavier Gonzalez  

Douche Bag 2:  Nick Alford

Extras -
Dee Du Arte
Bethany Ilene Wedlund
Adam Ray
Zach Tatom
Monica Gonzalez
Robert Dodill
Menemsha Pearl Morales
Karen Chmilnitzky  
Brandy Grant
Larry Jenkins III
Chloe Allen
Lisa Megna
Raven Megna  

Crew -

Produced by:
Valensky Sylvain
Alex Banos

Directed and Written By: Alex Banos
Director of Photography: Navid John Namazi
1st Asst. Director:  Chris Greene
Camera B Operator: Hannah Dawnielle
Sound Mixer: Joshua Wright

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