Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Introducing the cast of "I'm So Fly"

Good morning everyone, I would like to introduce you to 1st Dibz Productions and Dark Elf Films new foray into the TV world.  "I'm So Fly" is a brand new comedy that will make all fans of comedy sit up and take notice and remind everyone that Orlando is the place to be for excellent independent multimedia content.  Without further ado here is the cast:


"I'm So Fly"

Alyssia Bateman-Lizzy(Star of the show)
Roy Williams Jr-Darryl(Lizzy's Brother)
Chris Greene- Jerome(Darryl's Manager and Best Friend)
Bryce Roberts- Dominick(Lizzy's Best Friend)
Da'Zhaun Hicks-John John (Dominick's younger brother)
Janine King- Monica(Casting Director)
Kevin Young- William(Darryl And Lizzy's Dad)
Debra Foxx-Nicole(Lizzy's Mom)
Chelsy Bishop- Kathy (Casting Assistant)
Diana Lovell- Diane (William's New Girl)
Melissa Williams- Sasha(Jerome's Girlfriend)
Natalie Stavola- Cindy(Waitress)
Jahneen Marie- Rhonda(Dominick and John John's mom)
Georgia and Bill Bernhart- (Tom  And Elizabeth Pullman)Old Couple that patronizes William's restaurant
Alex Banos-Henry(Restaurant Patron)
Patrick Negron- Edgar(Restaurant Patron)

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