Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Station Casting

I am now casting a drama feature film called The Station.  Auditions will be held on July 9th by appointment only.  It is being produced by MECA Films and 1st Dibz Productions.  It is being directed by Lazan Banks II.  They are looking to shoot the first two weeks of August.  This is a low budget/no pay film.  You will also get IMDB credit.

Please submit your head shot and resume along with the role that you are submitting for to stationmoviecasting@gmail.com.  We will then write back with an audition time for July 9th.  Please only submit if you are available for the audition and the shoot dates.

Casting for:

NICK -Lazan (already cast)


* From a middle class family
* Lives with his Grandfather who watches porn at anytime of the day
* Since the Station is closing he’s trying to get another job.
* College grad
*Mid 20’s
* Works in advertising and the only in his department that came back
* Returns to work from his vacation
* Nick has a crush on Laura

TONY -Kevin (already cast)


From a middle class family
Real life action HERO
Wears a shirt saying “Man The F@*! Up”
Mid to late 20’s
Just goes with the flow
The last Dj standing at the Station
Parents are still in love (Madly in love)
Has a chip on his shoulder about Action Movies vs. Real Life Action
Loves his job

LAURA –Caucasian (mid to late 20s)

From higher/upper middle class family
Confused about going back to school or find another job
Dealing with a off again on again relationship
o Caught ex-boyfriend having sex w/friends and family
Has a crush on Nick
Knows Frank owes a lot of people money from family members, employees and loan sharks
Good friends with Tony and Brittany

FRED-Caucasian (early 30s)

Hates working as Frank’s asst.
Somewhat happy the station is closing
Help Nick get a job at the station
No one believes that he has a model as a girlfriend
Wants to be Toni’s sidekick

FRANK-Caucasian (30s)

Owes a lot people money
Try’s not to show his emotions
Known as a failed businessman
Thinks he’s a good boss

BRITTANY –Hispanic/Exotic(mid 20s)

Madly in love with Tony
Tony saved her life
o A movie was made about her and Tony
Thinks Tony is running around

MR. NASTY-Asian(early 20s)

From the suburbs
Believes he’s going to blow up when his song is played on the radio
Best friend and partner is DJ Reck
Willing to say anything nasty at any given time (Lives up to his name)
Thinks he’s from the streets

DJ RECK- Caucasian (early 20s)

Best friends and partner in crime of Mr. Nasty
From the suburbs but thinks he’s from the streets
Wants to be the best Hip-Hop DJ
Trying to get the song played on the station’s last day

JANITOR STEVE- Hispanic(40s)

Had a few fights with Laura’s ex
Seeks treatment from 3 specialist
Planning his revenge
Comes in when he feels like it
Likes to play cards with Fred and Tony

LAURA’S EX-MAN-Any ethnicity(midget-late 20s)

Wants Laura back
Has been in fights and won against Janitor Steve
Known Bully
Willing to fight to get her back
Little person ladies man
Knows how to party

LOAN SHARK-Italian(40s)

Well-known loan shark
o Has 2 bodyguards
Fear by a lot of people
Tired of Frank owing him money
Wants all his money back  doesn’t matter how

Bodyguards- One African-American, one Caucasian (late 20s, early 30s)

Once again please submit your head shot and resume to stationmoviecasting@gmail.com.  Please put the role that you are auditioning for in the subject line.

Valensky Sylvain
Casting Director
The Station

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