Saturday, July 30, 2011

A first look at the cast of the feature "The Station"

Here is a first look at the cast of the comedy feature being producer by Meca Films & 1st Dibz Productions.  Written by Kevin Micklin Jr. and writer/direct Lazan Banks with the help of producer extraordinaire James Hunter this feature promises to be as funny as "Clerks" and as raunchy as "Waiting".  Casting by yours truly, and being cinematic-ally told by Kraig Swisher this is going to be a must see for next year!  The fan page can be found @, make sure you all become a fan and join the movement! And here is the cast:

Tony - Kevin Mcklin Jr
Nick - Lazan E. Banks
Laura - Emily Cutting
Brittany - Ilmarys Torres
Frank - Anthony Cosmano
Fred - Matthew James Strickland
D.J. Reck - AJ Nickell
Mr. Nasty - Adrian Tristan Sutton
Loan Shark - Ed Harrison
Bodygaurd 1 - Cooper Zackery
Bodygaurd 2 - Craig Anthony
Janitor Steve - Luis Antonio
Black Rage - Valensky Sylvain
Fred Model GF - Gricel Castineira
Laura's Ex - J. Benedict Larmore
Nick's Old Boss - Allen Megginson

Girl #1 - Ananda Malave
Girl #2 - Ciera Vasquez
Nerd Guy - Joel Pagan

Girl #3 - Victoria Swilley
Guy in PL - Kelley Campbell

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