Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cinematic Haiku Hard Malice Syllable 3: Bond

Well here it is the critically acclaimed short film that started the Cinematic Haiku Franchise Bond.

In it's entirety.  Please let me know what you think.

Directed by Mario Giancini

Writted by Frank Tobin

Produced by Valensky Sylvain and Jeremy Wood


Amber English
Joe Lucas
Sevan McBride

Cinematography By Mario Giancini

Sound by Justin Russo

Sound Effects Edited by David Cybulski

Music by Mario Giancini

Make-up by Lyndsay Simon

Script Sup: Sam Sylvain

Grip: John Rasmussen

Edited by Mario Giancini & David Cybulski

Fight Coordinator: Joe Lucas

Colorist: Caleb Mallery

Original Score by Mario Giancini

Casting By Valensky Sylvain


  1. I like that it was a happy ending, in that the mother and the son made it out safe and sound. I was enjoying the flashbacks of the mother and son. I also enjoyed the soundtrack.

    Perhaps women who get beat can take this film as an inspiration to be like, "Hey, I can defend myself and don't have to put up with no crap."

  2. I liked it. I liked how it didn't have to show much violence for viewers to get the idea of the story. I also enjoyed watching the flashbacks of the mother and the son. Those were well coordinated. There was a power struggle and a happy ending. A good job over all. Well directed, well acted, and well scripted.