Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Interview with Roy Williams

Roy Williams INTERVIEW
  By Lauren Honeycutt

1.     What event in your life made you want to be an actor?

Growing up I have always been a huge fan of film, I was at college, not wanting to major in my currant major. I had to choose whether to major in something I didn’t like or whether to major in my dream and what makes me happy. I majored in film at Full Sail, behind the camera. I learned a lot about the acting, from full sail and this ultimately made the decision for me.

2.     What’s your background? Did this affect your acting abilities or decisions?

I’m an only child; this helped me growing up as an actor because I use my imagination. I didn’t have a ton of friends; I was playing with blocks, turtles, GI Joe men, utilizing my imagination. The imagination comes into play a lot in acting and it prepared me for where I am today.

3.     Who was your biggest influencer? Who encouraged you to pursue your goals?

My mom and dad were my biggest influencers, but mostly my mom. I always see her work hard and pursue her goal. She’s a chef; she makes a good headway, seeing her pursue her dreams makes me aspire to do the same.

4.     Who’s your favorite actor?

Denzel Washington. The passion and focus he brings to every role, nothing like I have ever seen. He puts a hundred and ten percent into what he does.

5.     What inspires you as an artist? How has this affected your acting decisions?

I can be inspired by my peers in acting class, some hard working gentlemen on the side of the road trying to make a buck, really any hardworking individual, inspires me to do what I want to do.

6.     As an actor, what obstacles have you had to overcome?

I wouldn’t say I had to overcome obstacles, as an actor there is always risks to take. I haven’t had to overcome obstacles. Pursuing acting is an obstacle in itself, it is a risk you had to take.

7.     What has been your favorite role so far?

I don’t have a favorite role; the next role is my favorite role.

8.     What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting out as an actor?

Pretty much as an actor being your self is enough. I always wanted to be someone else, like Denzel, but I now realize I don’t have to be him because I am unique in myself. I wish I knew that.

9.     Do you think you really understood what you were in for when you decided you wanted to become an actor?

No. I didn’t realize how much hard work it took. I really had to work at it. I thought I could just jump in front of the camera, its important to study and develop your craft. It’s important to go to class and continue to learn.

10. What do you believe the future of Orlando to be in film/theatre?

It’s hard to say. We have a lot of great talent in the central Florida area. The talent is definitely here. I know there is only going to be growth from here. I have worked with numerous people, as long as we have that solid base here. In the next few years it could be great.


  1. You are one handsome boy. All the best with the future. We look forward to seeing you on T.V.
    Linda De Luca Bonwill
    Englewood, FL

  2. I have seen some of your works... loved you in all of them Roy! This was a great interview! Can't wait to see you in the movies.... you inspire me.... xo Colleen Sowa

  3. congrats your mom is awesome we graduayed from high school being from the big D was not easy good for you keep shining you can do it

  4. So proud of my lil brother!!!! Dude has always been so talented and such an inspiration. Get em kid

  5. Great interview neph!!! Keep up the great work!!! Much Love!! UT

  6. You have and will always be our superstar! We are so proud of you no matter what you do. You always give everything your all and best. Remain humble and ALWAYS keep "GOD" first. We love you very much. MOM♥♥♥