Tuesday, October 2, 2012

JourneyQuest The Webseries Review

JourneyQuest Review
Amanda Sutter

Journey Quest is an over the top fantasy web series that follows a group of characters on their epic quest for glory. Along the way a series of unforseen events leads the characters into a whirl wind of mischeif, battles, and awkward moments. From the creators of "The Gamers" and "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising," the series is a goofy comedy that leaves the viewers laughing continuously.

    Although the language takes a bit getting used to and the many subplots require careful attention, the series definitely has a unique quality to its story that will create a following in certain audiences.  The series has an overall good production value and intricate costume design. The series uses a combination of clever humor with slapstick comedy throughout its entirety that hit at the right moments in the plot line.  The actor's bring a lot to the table with portraying the character's humorus moments organically. Watching their performance is entertaining and is successful in creating an emotional connection with the audience.  The episodes are also kept short and the plot continuously advances at a steady, but fast pace. Journey Quest will deffidently gain support through specific cult followings, comedy lovers, and fantasy lovers.

    The pilot is a bit slow and confusing, however, the series as a whole is definitely worth watching.Ultimately Journey Quest is a fun and unique expereince for all viewers following this magical journey.

You can find more info about this series at: http://www.journey-quest.com/

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