Friday, November 2, 2012

Cinematic Haiku Hard Malice Syllable 3: Bond

Cinematic Haiku Hard Malice Syllable 3: Bond

Here is the much acclaimed and awaited full short film that has garnered so much praise!

Directed by Mario Giancini

Writted by Frank Tobin

Produced by Valensky Sylvain and Jeremy Wood


Amber English
Joe Lucas
Sevan McBride

Cinematography By Mario Giancini

Sound by Justin Russo

Sound Effects Edited by David Cybulski

Music by Mario Giancini

Make-up by Lyndsay Simon

Script Sup: Sam Sylvain

Grip: John Rasmussen

Edited by Mario Giancini & David Cybulski

Fight Coordinator: Joe Lucas

Colorist: Caleb Mallery

Original Score by Mario Giancini

Casting By Valensky Sylvain

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