Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mekanism - Bring The Sun Back Music Video

Meka Nism's debut music video for 'Bring the Sun Back' from the EP, 'The Dance at the End of the World'- available on iTunes-

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Copyright © 2013 All of the Above Entertainment, LLC
All Rights Reserved

Directed by: Vincent Demarco
Produced by: Dark Elf Films / DeMarco Films
Producers: Valensky Sylvain, Robert Keller, Vincent DeMarco, Manuel Cortinas, Jeremy Wood, Sam Sylvain
Edited by: Lorena Abreu
Video Special Effects by: David Coalter

Makeup and Special Effects by Miss Williams' Blood & Gore Boutique, Inc.
Heather Williams - Makeup design, makeup artist, and special effects
T-Bone - Assistant makeup artist, assistant special effects
Melissa Feyereisen - Assistant makeup artist
Tracy Purple - Assistant makeup artist
Megan Hogarth - Assistant to makeup and effects department
Director of Photography & Camera A - Navid Namazi
Gaffer & Camera B - Manuel Cortinas
Camera C - Joey Garcia
Production Designer - Chrissy Rosatone
Production Coordinator - Angie Allison
PA's - Belen McCormick, Jarred



Bobby "The Ripper"
Reed "Freedom" Tyack
Alvin Bauer

Dancers & Audience:

Riz O
A.J. Cabigao
Hai "Dizzykid" Duong
Grae Marino
Michael Sloan
Aubrey Beinkampen
Belen McCormick
Julie Norris
Maya Norris
Nicholas Orthodox
Morgo Chapman

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