Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Film Review: Machete

Vivian Gil

Absolutely over-the-top in every way imaginable, Machete wasn’t billed as a comedy but the movie has so many outrageous kills, ridiculous lines and eccentric characters it’s impossible not to laugh your way through the movie.

Director and writer Robert Rodriguez, along with writer Álvaro Rodríguez and director Ethan Maniquis, created Machete. Machete, played by Danny Trejo, is an ex-federale myth known for his crazy killing skills and weapon of choice. He’s hired to shoot the Texas Senator (Robert De Niro) as a part of a larger plot formulated by politicians to control the border and therefore the drugs. But, instead, he’s double-crossed and enlists the help of Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez to engage in a crusade against the corrupt government.

 If you get sick at the sight of blood, this movie is not for you. Intestines are ripped out of bodies and heads are blown away in a gruesome display of death. This movie is an epic action flick where the cheesy lines make the film. Fans of Rodriguez’s previous work or the works Quentin Tarintino will thoroughly enjoy this movie.

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