Saturday, February 20, 2010

Calvin Simmons - Producer / Stunt Coordinator

Producer, actor and stunt coordinator Cal Simmons, a native of Detroit, began his career in theater. During his college career he landed major roles in Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure and Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon. In 2002, he was the first black actor to portray a major literary character at the Michigan Renaissance Festival as Aramis of The Three Musketeers. From 2001-2006, Simmons trained with The Knights of Iron Stage Combat Team under the direction of L. Dale Walter. Here he learned an array of weaponry and stage combat for stage and film and portrayed heroes and villains alike with a special flair.

His first film project came in 2006, when he helped with fight choreography in a commercial for the Silverleaf Renaissance Faire. Simmons also stunt-coordinated for an indie sci-fi project called InZer0 by Thoughts Collide Productions. In 2007, he was recruited by director Matt Dean and producer Tara Cardinal to fight direct for the fantasy/adventure film Legend of the Red Reaper.

After moving to Florida, Simmons joined the cast of Pirate’s Dinner Adventure and currently works there as both a stunt performer and choreographer, specializing in martial arts and sword fighting. In 2009, he directed stunt choreography for Craig Alarie’s sci-fi film MERC: Shadow Knight Origin and an experimental action/comedy short called Feather Babes, Inc., featuring a nearly all-female cast, with Dark Elf Films.

Currently, Simmons is being sponsored by stunt coordinator second unit director, Grady Bishop, to join the Extreme Stunt Team and has been chosen as stunt coordinator for the completion of Legend of the Red Reaper. He is also co-writing the web series, Brotherhood of Steel.

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