Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chis Adler - Director / Producer / Writer

Chris Adler is a freelance director, producer and writer based out of Orlando who has worked in the television and film industry since the mid 80’s. Adler began his career as an actor working in various productions such as documentaries, feature films, commercials and radio plays. He has an array of experience in production both in front and behind the camera. In the early 2000s he took a leave of absence from the industry to serve in the US Army during the September 11th bombings.

In the mid 2000s, he returned to his passion and began working to rebuild his film connections. After working on a number of low-budget, independent films as an associate producer and producer, he went on to forming his own team where he wrote and produced Demon Vision, Demented and To What Lies in the Dark.

Due to his experience with industry professionals on both coasts, Adler has the contacts to pull from a wide talent pool, enabling him to make any project more diverse and desirable.

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