Saturday, February 20, 2010

David Coalter – SPF Supervisor / Compositor

New to the film game but not graphic design, David Coalter is the VP of Silverton Studio, a full graphic design house. For four years Coalter has created designs, websites and collateral for all types of companies. He has also been the graphic artist with the novel series “Nick and Slim” for his entire tenure.

Coalter has been involved with the entertainment business for over 22 years, primarily performing in musical theatre or on a theme-park stage. With countless numbers of shows and over eight years of Disney service (including Tokyo Disneyland) under his belt, nothing surprises him.

Although Coalter has never been trained in the art of compositing or post production, he feels this is his best quality. He will not be constrained by a school’s theory of what should be done, which allows him to create whatever his clients need without any resistance. "That is why they call it 'art direction' not 'art opinion,'" Coalter says.

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