Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Victoria Lynn Rosa - Marketing/PR/Social Networking

Born and raised in Bridgeport, Conn., Victoria Lynn Rosa has years of experience performing on stage. It's no surprise that theater is her first love, but she has recently ventured into the new land of film and is embracing the new style of acting.

A graduate of the University of Connecticut in Journalism and Communications, Rosa has an array of experience in marketing, fund raising, editing, public relations, writing, sales, administration and advertising. Her resume includes working with a fashion public relations company named Funky Lala in NYC, copy editing for Bridgeport's local newspaper The Connecticut Post and was on staff for former Congressman Christopher Shays (R), Conn., as the front office coordinator in Connecticut's district office. She is a humanitarian at heart, who dedicated a year to the mission field in places like India, Thailand and the Dominican Republic.

Rosa has been in productions like Anything Goes, Once Upon a Mattress and Antigone. She is also a choreographer and song writer who is pursing her career in Orlando. She is the coordinator of the Children's Performing Arts Ministry at Bethel Christian Church in Orlando, and believes that her calling is to teach the arts and bring its healing power to people in need. Her outlook on life is simple, "Life is a stage, and God is my director."

You can find out more information on Rosa at her blog: Click Here

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