Friday, December 17, 2010

BEST LAID PLANS from New Renaissance Pictures

BEST LAID PLANS from New Renaissance Pictures

By Xio

I’ve always look up to people who do improvisation, totally unscripted. It makes me happy and utterly jealous in a delicious way (I say this as a compliment). The actors make it so funny, organic, quirky, and honest.  I’ve been seeing too many dark series, so I decided I wanted to kick back and see something light for a change, be human, flawed with no judgment… *ROFL*… Even in its dark moments of a human’s struggle, Best Laid Plans tickles your stomach. The web series are divided into different stories. Each story consists of people reaching for their objective, whatever it may be. It also makes destiny bring two people together. ”You got to see what’s in the stars for you man… me, it was a fortune cookie. It said, ‘You are going to meet new and interesting people… I met my wife.’” The whole series is a collaboration of wonderful enjoyable talent.

Actors performed on set on the spot. Their comedic timing is flawless and awesome. I would have guessed it was a well written script if there were no mention of improvisation. Josh Sikora and Jesse Grotholson created the web series. One of my favorite segments are “Dashboard Confessions”, along with “The Break Up“ and mostly “With Friends like These”… Tom really knows how to handle a lady ;D  If you are looking for something fun, you will enjoy this web series.

Check it out!

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