Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tragedy of a Mother and Son

Here is an upcoming feature film that is now in pre-production. It's being produced by Romane Simon Film Productions in association with DARK ELF FILMS.


A MISTAKE YOU MAKE IN LIFE CAN FOLLOW YOU UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE. This movie is about a young girl who hangs out with the wrong crowd. Her name is Jennifer. She was once an A student. Her association with the wrong crowd has caused her grades to decline. At the age of 5 Jennifer suffered a traumatic incident that rocked her to the core. After the untimely death of her father, she would never be the same. Five years later, Jennifer's mother decided to remarry, leaving her young daughter unhappy once again. This choice had unintended consequences and Jennifer spiraled out of control. This story has betrayal, vindictiveness, love and redemption.  It reminds you that some choices made in the past can and will affect your future.


Executive Producer: Romane Simon
Co- Producer:  Valensky Sylvain
Directed by:  Romane Simon & Rob Ward
Story by: Romane Simon
Written by: Romane Simon & Rob Ward
DP: Corey Luttrel
Production Coordinator: Jahneen King
Casting By: Romane Simon
Stunt Coordinator: Romane Simon
Boom Op: Shantae Mann
Production Assts:  JJ Smiles & Stephanie Oukeo

Principle Cast:

Romane Simon as Young G

Nina Nicole as Mrs. Brown

Valensky Sylvain as Office Jitskoot

James Compere as Mr. Brown

 Arthur Braddy III as Michael
 Chris Ballinger as Henchman
 Chelsi Archambeau as Nicki
 Marchay Weaver as Young Jennifer
 Jahneen King as Jennifer
 Mason Shorrow as Bad Boy

 LJ Grillo as Officer

Keith Lopez as Prisoner 1

Elejah Compere as Young Michael

 Will Bresch as Detective
 Pete LeMaster as Mr. Stevens

 Cyndi Crotts as Bad Girl

The film will be shot in Orlando and has tentative distribution through Wal-Mart.  It will start shooting in January. 

Please send all inquires for cast and crew to

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