Sunday, December 12, 2010

Memoir: Memories are with us forever.

An old man at a train station talks with his memories to find out the meaning of life and how to let go of the past.

Memoir is a short film being shot in Orlando and being produced by In The Woods Productions and Dark Elf Films.


Matt Carroll as Chuck
Ayla Parsons as Young Nancy
Glenn Lorandeau as Stewart
Luke Gerdes as Game Carny
Jayne Dobrowolski as Debbie
Natalie Reed as Woman
Fred Monahan as Chaz
Joy Kigin as Older Nancy
Marty Courtney as Charles
Jackie Bell as Pam
Michael Philips as Curt
Tim Rerucha as Dad
Kathryn Palmer  as Mom
Josh'ua Monsalvatge as Charley
Gina Makaroff as Charlotte
Dorothy Christopher as Susan

Michael Owens
Andrew Castro
Ryan Ziegler
Matt Caruso
Grace Merlin


Autumn Cohen           Director
Matthew Carroll         Producer/Writer
Justin Neal                Producer
Amy Blaker                First A.D
Greg Suarez              Second A.D
Valensky Sylvain        Associate Producer
Bobby Arnold             Director Of Photography
Asher Ford                Production Assistant
Manny DesChamps     Camera Operator
Alfredo Domador       1st Camera Assistant
Richard Russell          Script Supervisor
Ayla Parsons              Camera Operator
Greg Larro                1st Carpenter
Tara Corless              Costumer/Hair/Make-up
Kelcie Barbuti            Hair/Make-up
Yonara Nucci             Set Designer
Carelys Tovar            On-Set Photography
Matt Caruso              On-Set Photography
Robe Carter              Music Composer
Christian Checker      Grip
David Foust               Grip

Production will be finished in January, look for it in festivals coming soon.

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