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Homage to Xue

Homage to Xue
By Xio

“There was a specific moment… I don’t know how… but there was a specific moment. I had a vision experience…  I felt this power… to the point where I fell to my knees… and came into my own being… and that’s when I knew… this is what I was meant to do.” Pedro Martinez responded to a question I asked him… what was the specific moment that made him aware that he wanted to do music? Last year in Los Angeles near UCLA, I participated in a march for “International Women’s Day” parade.  I managed to go to a later gathering in the month during my free time, and it was there that I got the privilege to meet two cool guys, Pedro and Alessandro. We connected really well. Through casual conversation, I discovered that they are musicians. People around the house loved their songs, and Sal (their good friend) encouraged them to play for me to hear. With no hesitation, they grabbed two acoustic guitars, their powerful song lyrics (Pedro is the songwriter), and their fearless soulful voices, I was being introduced to Xue. Talentos de Dios… that is what was going through my mind. I got to hear “Africa” that night, along with other favorites of the crowd.  I could not help but smile as I heard them continue to sing for me. Their music is inspirational. There is a mix of different cultures, international boundaries in Spanish, English, Tribal rhythms, Rock, Southern, Blues, African and Columbian acoustic rhythms, that will “make you suckas move your hips and dance!” Yes, for you Spanish lovers, your body will want to move. Xue consists of Pedro as the lead songwriter, Alessandro as the lead guitarist, Robby as the drummer, Jessie on base, Ruben as their percussionist, and Adriana Alvarez as their back up vocalist.

Over the year, they have been performing at different venues around Los Angeles, and they are planning to expand their music with upcoming tours (this Saturday they will be performing at Club Good Hurt). Their self promotion has been paying off and is currently seeking management. Xue’s songs have powerful messages in their lyrics. It’s philosophical, and mainly targets the goal to enlighten those who hear.  “I am a mix of what my mom and dad made me… Columbian, Chibcha (tribe) descent with a mix of Aztecs, Mayans, and Spaniards…. My parents are indigenous people. When people ask who I am, I always say I am a working progress… discovering. I came as an immigrant, learn English, speak Spanish… I believe I lived different lives/past lives, and I am always ever evolving through the experiences I am going through. I am going through enlightenment at this point in my life.” Pedro continues. “Art, work, people you meet… your soul reaches enlightenment… your spirit evolves, and it’s the same thing for music. I use the spirit and music to learn and to teach.”  Mentors, teachers, philosophers and musicians like Bob Marley, Manou Chau, The Dead Kennedys, and Cat Stevens are the few influences that inspires Pedro.  “Sounds general… but my heroes and inspirations are a lot of people and a lot of friends. Anyone who is going to their own beat… people who are not afraid to speak out, or go into a new trend of their own. Those are my heroes.” Alessandro responds with pride.

Xue (which means Sun God) evolved with a single member, Pedro, and started to grow with mutual friendships over time. Pedro invited Alessandro (Graduate School bound student) to an open mike at The Kibitz Room, located on 3rd/Fairfax. The two, along with Robby on Drums, played each Sunday and provided open street performances for the public around 2009. Since then, they started lining up more performances as the demand for Xue started to grow… more members joined them (Jessie, Ruben, and Adriana) and the demand for Xue is still growing…

I wanted to catch up on their new songs since we last spoke and fell upon Gilberto.  This one caught my attention because I noticed it received a lot of hits on line. I started to listen to the song, and it spoke about a man who finds happiness, despite the situation he is in. I discovered through our chat that Gilberto is based on Pedro’s father’s life.  His father had hardships in his life when it came to material possessions, but it never derailed him. Of all the living situations he has encountered, he found the most happiness living on the streets. “There is freedom to not have a home, which is what my father believed.  He was homeless. He lived in a car, behind a supermarket, you name it… Whenever he had help, and was provided a roof over his head, he was unhappy. On the streets, he found more freedom. He passed way, and died homeless, but it was out of his own free will and found himself with more freedom. I believe he died a happy man.” Listen to the song when you have a chance…

Xue’s next step is to release a new album. “I have a lot of interests, but I commit to the project of Xue”. Alessandro said. “I don’t consider myself professional, I am still learning.  I loved to do music. It’s a lot of work, you have to put yourself out there, do a lot of unpaid gigs. You will hit and you will miss, I know this is general, but that is how I learn. You have to network, it’s who you know. We look for like minded people. It’s always best when you are jumping in this business to find someone who believes in you, and takes a chance on you. But most of all, PROMOTE yourselves… that is how it’s done.” Pedro adds to his friend’s advice. “Be inspired, find time to create. If you want to be a musician, pick on how to be a musician, the type of music you want to do. Be specific because there are a lot of competitions out there, but most of all, be anything you want to be. Either way, in whatever you do, you will have a great journey. You choose the path you want to live by.” Well said guys…

These guys are the most down to earth people I know… con FUERCA.

Anyone who wishes to be updated can add themselves to and on Facebook under “Xue Latinreggaerock”.
You must check them out, and below is information on their next gig coming up this SATURDAY! Dec. 18th! :D CHECK THEM OUT!!!!!!! BD

XUE rocks the Westside this Saturday!!!!!
Start Time: December 18, 2010 at 8:00 PM
End Time: December 19, 2010 at 1:00 AM
    • Artist:
    • XUE*
    • Club Good Hurt
12249 Venice Boulevard
West Los Angeles, CA 90066

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