Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brent Reynolds - Director of Photography - DASH

Growing up in a military household, Brent and his two brothers, Kevin and Glenn moved around quite a bit, though spending most of their childhoods in Texas and on the tiny island of Guam.  Brent’s early life was centered around music and sports, he played baseball, football, ran moto-cross, was an avid hiker and spelunker, as well as, pursued his interest in the martial arts of Judo, Kenpo, and Jui-Jitsu. In junior high, he discovered pole vaulting and eventually earned a partial scholarship from Christian Abilene in the sport. It was, however, his love for music that won out. 
Some of Brent’s earliest memories are of his father’s band practicing in their living room. And though his father, Stephen, spent 26 years in the Air Force, he continued to play in bands and perform with the USO and Tops in Blue. As a result, Brent was exposed to a wide variety of music and first picked up a guitar at the age of 7. It wasn’t until high school, however, that he started his first band. Unfortunately, he only enjoyed local and regional success as he decided to enlist in the military and finish his college degree. Brent’s passion for film was ignited while taking a Film Appreciation class as an elective. 
After 4 years in the Military as a specialist in flight simulation weapons systems, Brent spent another 8 years as a Field Engineer in the defense field culminating in managing the F-16 trainers for the 56th Tactical Training Wing at MacDill AFB, FL.
Film School was next, whereupon Brent found a niche lighting and shooting films for other students, with a total of 8 films in his two years at the University of Central Florida. Later he returned to teach Cinematography at UCF and film production at Full Sail.
Brent went on to spend 10 years in retail television at the Home Shopping Network in such positions as Production Knowledge, prepping hosts and guests for their presentations, and Supervising Producer in the Electronics, Toy and Entertainment categories, responsible for all aspects of the live show broadcast in these areas.
All the while he continued to produce and DP everything from award winning short films, to b-rolls for National Brands, to infomercials and commercials under the banner of his company, August Moon Productions.  Not to mention that Brent still continues to write and perform music both on his own and in a band setting.

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