Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Resolve Web Series

The Resolve
By Xio

This web series is an urban, gritty psychological drama that happens to take place in Los Angeles. It about a man name Mike Patterson, who happens to be the punisher for people who commit sin… There are a total of seven episodes thus far. Episode one reveals Mike as a character that has a mixture of Frank Castle (for those fans of The Punisher) with the personality of Hedda Gabbler, and Jigsaw (from Saw). You tend to see the relationship he has with his therapist Sean Miller (played by Alex Ballar). However, things are not always black and white as you go deeper into the episodes. Sean Miller tends to reveal a side to him that reflects his patient’s lifestyle, and tends to struggle living a normal life with his wife Allison (played by Kristina Hughes) and upholding the demands he has with Mike. Russ Cootey (who plays the lead Mike Patterson) is the executive producer of the show, along with his partner in producing and writing Alex Ballar (who plays Sean Miller). Helen McCready (C.S.A.) is the casting director for the show. Bart Somalis did a beautiful job writing the original score for the show, and Rob Quillen kept the right mood for the scenes with his original theme song. It was well casted, and the acting is really good. The combat and stunt work could have been more of a conflicted between the killer and his victim. I am not asking for Bruce Lee, but the coordination of the struggle could have been more solid. It seemed like the victims went down too easy. Other than that, I really enjoy the series so far, and look forward to watching as the characters unveil themselves.

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  1. I've just watched it and I've gotta say it's one of the less good web series I've seen. The camera work and sound is bad, and what's up with the titles? WHAT do they have to do with the show...? This feels like a vanity project for the lead to be honest.