Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rachael Thompson - Lead Actress (Terra) - DASH

Rachael Thompson, an Orlando native, has studied and worked at many things before she realized she was an actor.  After training at Art's Sake Acting Studio and Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi, she has fallen in love with the performance arts, and throughout her training she recognizes the importance of acting as the most human art form she has been challenged with.  She sees the responsibilities of being true to her characters, and she hopes to "wake up" her audience so that they begin to fully see the perspective of another human, no matter what their personal experiences.

Mind, body and spirit, Rachael continues to work at her craft, while moving forward with her career. She has been busy working on many film projects in the Orlando area over the years, playing villain, hero and everything in between.  Most recently, she is finishing production on "Mekka Blade," an anime action film directed by Wellington Chinsee, and "Tears of Remedy," a film based on a short story by Qi Bai, directed by Lee Thongkam.  She can be seen in "Never Back Down" as a featured fighter in the battle-of-the-exes of the backyard fight scene. Rachael is currently in Art's Sake's production of Play de Luna as Rose-Marie in "Bingo and Rose-Marie," a one-act play by David Lavine.

Rachael is always looking forward to future projects, continuing her training, and enjoying life with her husband and best friend, Hunter.

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