Thursday, November 11, 2010

SFX/ Make up for Dash

Adrian Chappell is a special effects makeup artist, director, writer and editor who currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida. He was born and raised in Northern Virginia and moved to Florida in 1993. After a tour in the United States Marine Corps, he returned to Jacksonville to permantly set roots. Adrian has been a horror/sci-fi movie fiend since he was a young lad and his father took him to see the classic "Aliens" in the movie theater. From that point on, he strived to one day leave his impression on the horror/sci-fi world. Many Fangoria magazines and nightmare riddled evenings later, he finds himself constantly developing his next effect and editing the next film under his own "Withered Films and Fx" banner or teaming with other like minded artists under their flag in an effort to make the monsters come alive. "It's all about the MONSTERS baby!!"

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