Sunday, November 28, 2010


(Legion of Extraordinary Dancers)

by Xio

Season 1:

“I’ve seen a man… and he has a gift…” (Episode 10). Think you would know how the story would play out in a superhero film, but you would be surprised how the story is told through the art of dance. That is what Jon M. Chu did for LXD, or as one defines it, Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. The Legion consists of individuals that are chosen to protect the world. We know there is a path set for their destiny, but sometimes what fate chose for them may not always be what they planned out. Life is never how you plan it. LXD is riveting and exciting. It provides exquisite unique styles of dancing as it manages to tell a story at the same time, including krumping, breaking, ballet, popping, robot, etc. The way Jon M. Chu created the web series felt like I was watching a show on network television.  The amazing associate producers, Christopher Scott and Harry Shum, Jr. supervised the choreography. A humongous team took effort, sweat and heart to put a collage of lives together for each season. See this Web series, and you will know what I am talking about. I want to dance a praise for Jon, for being original, creative, and bringing something new to the world of episodes.

I managed to finish watching season one (which consisted of 10 episodes). This season introduces you to our heroes, where they come from, and how they got to be where they are now. Each episode is a chapter that tells a story. I’ve noticed the way LXD manages to have a beginning, middle and end for each chapter. I could have started on any episode in whatever order and still know what’s going on. Every chapter was beautiful, and these actors and dancers are extremely talented. I have three favorites. Episode three is called Robot Lovestory (Talk about a mixture of Repo the musical and the horror film, Valentine). This episode is inventive, daring, new and fresh. My favorite part was the scene between the doctor, the man, and the nurse… even though they were in different places at the same time. The story revisits itself later on, but I won’t say which episode, or what happened because you need to see it! Elliot’s Shoes (episode four) what a quirky, funny, charming guy Elliot is… he is so flawed and so humane in his personality, and he exudes confidence that makes me “breathless”. J.  “I’ve seen a Man” (episode ten) is enigmatic. I am a huge fan of tap dancing, but I watched the hero move his frustration through his art, and I started dancing myself along with him. I must jump in to say Roger Aaron Brown (actor who played the Narrator through the whole season I saw)… what a man... I love the brilliance he brings to a character, and he has such a commanding presence.

“Love… Love is Supernatural… Love can be binding… Love can save… Love can make you do the most unthinkable actions…” LXD has a lot of love. Every piece of the puzzle is wrapped as members are joined to start their destiny or fail. LXD is awesome. You need to watch this.

As the Fanboyz say (episode eight)… “We’re in LXD baby!”

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